Burger King Thailand Released a Cheeseburger That Was Simply a Stack of 20 Cheese Slices Between Two Buns

There was no meat to be found.

July 14, 2023

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Photo by: NurPhoto/Getty Images

NurPhoto/Getty Images

Have you ever bitten into a Burger King cheeseburger and thought to yourself, “Wow, this would be so much better without the burger and with significantly more cheese — and nothing but cheese — between the halves of this sesame-seed bun?”

It is then, presumably, for people precisely like you that Burger King Thailand has released a meatless burger featuring 20 slices of cheese, which it is calling a “Real Cheeseburger” and promoting as a full-on “cheeseburger extravaganza.”

“Not for fun, this is for real! Real cheeseburger from Burger King! Carrying up to 20 slices of American cheese!!!” Burger King Thailand reassured all skeptics on its official Facebook page.

A slew of people have posted images of their cheeseburgers-without-the-burger on social media. A quick-click translation offers a window into their responses:


“It's so worth a try.

“My heart is out dancing.”

“Stuffed with cheese.”


Some folks embellished, adding lettuce and cheese, or, in one case, a burger between the heaps of cheese. (Adding a burger or anything else defeats the purpose, we say. Though, come to think of it, we’re not 100 percent sure what the purpose is — or whether one is necessary.)

Priced at 109 Thai Baht, or about $3.14 USD, and available with even more cheese for an up-charge, the burgers were available for a brief time only: July 11 through 13.

“If you haven't tried, you need to hurry up!” Urged Burger King Thailand toward the end of the Real Cheeseburgers run.

However, given the overwhelmingly positive response — not to mention the ease of creating these slap-a-bunch-of-cheese-on-a-bun-and-call-it-a-day sandwiches, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to imagine that they could, at some point, make a return.

“It’s over,” one commenter lamented at the end of the cheese-y run.

To which we respond, with all due hope: For now …?

Coda: There are now reports that the Real Cheeseburgers are still available, at least at some Burger King Thailand locations. Because … why not?!

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